Character Analysis Of Bill Gates

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The British naturalist and politician John Lubbock wrote, “Your character will be what you yourself choose to make it.” Character is who people are, their moral and mental qualities that set them apart from others. Some believe that we choose our character traits, while others believe that it is formed by influences beyond our control. We do not choose our own character traits, instead, character traits are influenced upon us by our environment, our society, and in response to problems that we encounter. The environment that one grows up and lives in has a major impact on their character traits. A young girl from the poorest neighborhood of Compton, will not have the same character traits Rory John Gates, the son of the wealthiest man in the world, Bill Gates. It just won’t happen, as each individual had to adapt and live to the environment that they were thrust upon in. The young girl will be more fearful and less trusting than her counterpart, who will be more relaxed and calm. The only thing the two might have in common is that neither had the power to choose to be born into the family that they are in. Another example is the way our parents raise us. Some parents are very harsh while others might be very lenient. The child learns from their parents, watching closely and copying their habits. It is known by research, that children of drug users, let that be alcohol or tobacco, are 8 times more likely to be addicts if their parents are. That is a huge amount, and on top of
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