Character Analysis Of Billy Elliot

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Family is the hub of life’s meaning. Hence, every family member plays a crucial role in influencing the development of a child. Billy Elliot is a story about an 11-year-old boy that lives with his dad, brother and grandma. Billy takes boxing lessons but then replaces it with ballet. His ballet teacher, Mrs Wilkinson helped Billy master ballet and gives the opportunity to audition for the Royal Ballet School. “Lads do football or boxing or wrestling, not friggin ballet!”, said Jacky. His family does not support him due to gender streotype that ballet is for girls and it makes boys a “poof”. However,they eventually come around and supported Billy to become a professional ballet dancer. Who billy became from a child to a young adult was influenced by the fact that Billy had grown up without a solid female mentor physically in his life, the Elliot family uses foul and abusive language as well as a father’s action when handling a situation.

The fact that Billy had grown up without a solid female mentor physically in his life affected his development as a child. Ever since his mother passed away, Billy was always in a manly surrounding which restricted the display of emotions that he felt. The only female in his family is his pondering old grandma and the sprit of his mother, where it could be seen when he enters the kitchen to get some chilled milk, his sees an imaginary form of his mother advising him for the good. To Billy, opening up his emotions is very feminine so Billy

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