Character Analysis Of Blanche Dubois

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Blanche Dubois arrogance is what makes her the perfect hypocrite. She attempts to make herself the center of attention no matter what the immediate situation is. Blanche feel as if everything is owed to her just for her being around. Tennessee Williams gave her the outline design to have the most problems in this play, but operate as if she is the one who is in charge. Blanche is in dire need for help more than anybody in the play. “Why that you had to live in these conditions.” (Williams 10) Stella take’s blanche into her home , and within the first few moments she acts as if she is a queen; who needs to be in a palace when in actuality she is homeless. From Blanche being an arithmetic teacher, then being fired by the principal for having sexual relations with a underage student, and then not only having to prostitute to make money in the hotel called The Flamingo; the following being homeless come as a surprise when she is not humbled by the fact that many aspects in her life have went bad for her; and she should just be grateful for her sister. Stella is willingly giving her a place to stay; rent free, just out of compassion, but still receives backlash From Blanche for not staying in a house not worthy of Blanche 's expectations. Blanche’s ability to judge without taking a step back and evaluate her own situation, proves how desperate she is. Multiple harsh scenarios give a detailed outline on how Blanche can ruin a character 's self esteem without doing much harm to
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