Character Analysis Of Bob Ewell

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The character that made me think the most in part two is Bob Ewell. Throughout part two, we as the audience can clearly tell that Bob Ewell is the guilty person in the court case, not Tom Robinson. Bob Ewell does have a significant part in the plot of the story but also just made me think. I could tell full heartedly that Bob Ewell was guilty of the crime, yet in the book, characters could never see it. One thing that made me think the most was Bob Ewell’s true motives. After having Tom Robinson locked up and framing him as guilty, and after his eventual demise, Bob Ewell still persists in trying to hurt others linked to Tom. A character that I found to be similar to Bob is Mayella Ewell, his daughter. The similarities are that both hate Tom…show more content…
Two differences between the two are that Mayella seems to actually feel some compassion towards black people, unlike Bob, and Mayella does not stay bitter and angry towards the people of Maycomb after the trial, whereas Bob does. In chapter 19, Tom Robinson is telling his side of the story and says: “‘...I got down offta chair an’ turned around an’ she sorta jumped on me.’ ‘Jumped on you? Violently?’ ‘No suh, she hugged me.’ He then proceeds to say that Mayella kissed him. These signs show that Mayella does not care about the color of skin and actually, somewhat, cares for black people. Unlike Mayella, Bob despises negroes. He constantly calls negroes the “N” word and harassed both Tom and his wife. If it were not for the color of their skin, he would never have done this. Another difference between the two characters is that Bob stays bitter towards the people of Maycomb after the trial, but Mayella does not. The audience knows that Mayella does not stay bitter, as it is never said that she was or that she acted on it at all. Unlike Mayella, we know that Bob did stay bitter and angry as he continues to pursue all people linked to Tom and his
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