Character Analysis Of Bonzo In Ender's Game

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In Ender’s Game Bonzo has a serious problem with Ender, He would literally kill Ender if he could, yet why? One reason Bonzo might hate Ender is because, Bonzo couldn't get Ender punished. “That’s why he hates you, because you didn’t suffer when he tried to punish you” (pg.109). Although another reason may be how small and young Ender is. “But as small as you are, you are worse than useless” (pg.77). It always seems that Bonzo won’t leave Ender alone. It’s most likely because, Ender doesn't fear him so that scares him, it shows weakness. “He can’t allow himself to show weakness” (pg.109). All Round, Bonzo is a terrible man, but Ender can outsmart him any day.
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