Breakfast At Tiffany's Analysis

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Who is Holly Golightly?
Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a novel presenting and edgy topic associated with an irrepressible, iconic character as Holly Golighly. Holly is portrayed as a girl coming from a lower social class, with a struggling past, roaming through a roads of the New York City in search of glamor and luxury. The main story develops among two key characters, Holly and the unnamed narrator, presented as two contradicting personalities. As laws of physics explain, there is an interaction between particles of opposite charges. These two manage to create an “electronic field” that develops a bond between Holly and the narrator. The strongest distinction of them is their emotional approach; the narrator is a writer who develops
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During 1960’s and 70’s we have the second wave of feminism, a rapid wave that strongly spread throughout United States (Encyclopedia Britannica). Major themes were gender equality and discrimination. A majority of females were complaining about the lack of opportunities offered, and the wasted time and talent as house wives with a short vision of children and husband. The influence of it also touched literature, an example could be considered Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which was written at that period. During the beginning of the novel we valued the strength that Holly had to break from the social norms and traditions and present a new image of a female in the society; her authenticity made Holly such an intriguing protagonist. As the story progresses, we encounter a Holly who is not capable of taking care of herself, and the decision for marriage, shows how dependent on the presence of a male individual she is. Her judgment towards other females, or put more lightly, toward her friend Mag “a perfect fool” (p.12) proves further the point of a Holly as an

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