Character Analysis Of Brian's Winter By Gary Paulsen

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The 1996 novel, Brian’s Winter is a fictional nature survival story that focuses on Brian, the protagonist. Brian’s Winter is the alternate ending to Hatchet, the first book in which Brian is in a plane crash, and is rescued after having spent just over forty-five days alone in the Canadian wilderness. In Brian's Winter, the author Gary Paulsen experiments with what would have happened if Brian had been left in the Canadian wilderness during winter. The separation starts with Brian noticing cold weather on a day of fall hunting. Brian prepares himself for winter performing all of the necessary survival tasks. Brian experiences initiation When you faces even greater challenges such as the bear and the moose. Brian experiences his return when he discovers a log cabin in the woods that belongs to a trapping family. They call a cargo plane for him, and he gets on it,…show more content…
The novel contains very good separation, initiation, and return phases which did not reflect the conventional monomyth archetype. The separation phase involves Brian noticing his environment as well as how the temperature was changing, and because of that, Brian no longer felt the sense of security that he had before. The initiation phase involves Brian Preparing himself for different challenges. for instance, Brian felt that his survival was being threatened by a bear, so he is decided to take matters into his own hands and attempt to fabricate a much larger and more powerful version of his bow. The return phase sees Brian discover two parallel mysterious straight lines in the snow. After following these lines, he finds a Rustic Log Cabin in the Woods and it meets a trapping family inside. After a cargo plane arrives on the scene, Brian hesitates about getting on for a Split Second because the Canadian wilderness is now equal to his home. He had mastered it. Brian’s Winter is a book with a somewhat unusual use of the
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