Character Analysis Of Bullet In The Brain By Tobias Wolff

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The story “Bullet in the Brain” by Tobias Wolff is a very interesting sorry about a man named Anders. Anders is a very unusual character as he always analyzes and critic mostly everything that happens in his life and all of the people that he interacts with just like what he does in the books he normally reads. The story focuses on his final memory after the situation of him being shot in the head by some robbers at a bank. The final memory that flashed back into Anders is a memory of him as a kid playing baseball with his friends in a sunny field. He remembered the only line that his one friend told him which included the words “They is” which is grammatically incorrect. Anders did not tell his other friends about one this other kid told him because he realized that he would be a jerk if he did that. Those two words gave Anders some kind of excitement because he did not expect those words at all. That was his final memory because it gave him the happiness because it was truly unexpected for him compared to the life that he was in when he was still alive wherein he always critics things because he thought that he already saw all the things that may be unexpected for others. When I read this story, the main character’s personality is static when he was alive and when he got into that bank robbery situation where he criticizes the bank robbers without hesitation. Although he died as the same person who strictly critics a lot of people, my impression of Ander’s character had

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