Character Analysis Of Button, Button, By Richard Matheson

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"Button, Button" Write Up The short story, “Button, Button,” by Richard Matheson, is focused around a married couple facing a difficult decision. The couple is given a button delivered by a mysterious man, Mr. Steward, and if they press the button, somewhere, someone they don 't know dies and they receive a payment of $50,000 dollars. For my adaptation of “Button, Button”, I did scene six, an important scene in the short story as Norma pushes the button, and is later informed that Arthur died. She soon realizes his life-insurance policy is $25,000 with double indemnity. I stayed faithful to characterization and departed from the tone of the short story. Within my adaptation, I stayed loyal to Norma’s character throughout scene six. Norma pushes the button and we see her true colors. Matheson portrays Norma as greedy and narcissistic. Norma has a really strong personality and is really persistent when it comes to taking an easy reward. “Reaching out, she pressed it down. For us, she thought angrily” (Matheson 110). This displays Norma’s thinking and a peek into her personality. She couldn’t hold herself back from pushing the button, which tells us that she is weak and has no self-control. She didn’t care about what she was doing and the consequences that come with it. She won 't realize ‘till later the grand mistake she 's made. Norma is so greedy that she can 't see past the reward that she’s been offered, and it’s clouding her thinking and actions as shown when she pushes the button. Matheson also shows Norma as…show more content…
In conclusion, I was able to take the short story “Button, Button” and convert it into a short film. While creating my adaptation I stayed faithful to the characterization of Norma and departed from the tone of the short story. Although I may have departed from some parts and stayed faithful to others, I was able to use film elements to make my version of scene six interesting and
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