Character Analysis Of Candy In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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The character Candy preforms many examples of how he is lonely and needs companionship. He shows this when he is in the bunkhouse with his dog, Slim, Carlson, Whit, and George. Carlson is going to kill Candy's old dog because he is old and smells bad (Steinbeck 47). This phrase suggests that Carlson is going to kill Candy's only friend which will make him even more lonely than he already is. Candy's representation of his feelings show that he is lonely. Candy talks about how he knows his is going to get fired soon because he knows that he is old and useless (Steinbeck 60). This example shows that Candy knows that he is different from everyone else and that he knows people think he is useless. He shows he is very lonely and needs companionship
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