Character Analysis Of Canterbury Tales

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Canterbury Tales Paper: Prologue/Character Sketch: There are many experiences that seem crucial to life, Like schooling and marriage, and times of great plight, But cheerleading competitions belong too on that list, With their flips and their tricks that you don’t want to miss, See gravity defied! Weightless girls- flying high! It’s a unique experience, you can’t deny, With music and crowds that normal moms hate, But Donna Gale is not normal- at least, not of late. She herded her daughter through the security lines, Paid the admission and all of her fines, Jostled her way into the loud, crowded room, And taking joy in the breathing of thick hairspray fumes. All around her were cheerleaders, in short, skimpy skirts, Music playing so loud that it made her ears hurt, Bleached-blondes in ponytails, bows high in their hair, And people so fake that you couldn’t help but stare. Her daughter was one of them, spray-tanned and toned, A natural cheerleader, down to the bones, And that in itself is not a bad thing, It’s the fact that Donna wanted herself to be queen. She followed the other moms wherever they went, And imitated the cheerleaders at all their big events, It was obvious that Donna was living with her daughter, Even if it meant that she had to slaughter. She was all white teeth and revenge-colored lips, Blond hair, fake smiles, and swaggering hips, A shirt that read “Cheer Mom” in glittery stones, That Donna had bedazzled all on her own. She cheered with the other moms, but
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