Character Analysis Of Captain Miller

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The character Captain Miller in the film "Saving Private Ryan" represents the ideal soldier in a period of great despair. He indicates strength and fortitude all through each scene. Captain Miller shows numerous traits of being the perfect individual for the employment in the quest for Private Ryan. This mission has his men in complete turmoil and he handles everything so placidly and respectively. Captain Miller 's authority qualities tie his attributes together and make him solid all around that a war legend ought to be. All through the entire film, Captain Miller demonstrated various crucial initiative values that make a great leader. One of them is his obligation of being in control. All through the majority of the film, Captain Miller tirelessly drove his men. He frequently was compelled to make troublesome choices – notwithstanding when the other men did not, as a matter of course, concur with him. For instance, when the destiny of a German soldier was in the hands of Miller and his troops, a large portion of his troops were prepared to murder the trooper; nonetheless, Miller chose to send him back to surrender to the Allied powers. Regardless of the doubts of the alternate troopers, Miller assumed responsibility and made the last call. Another particular quality is having the capacity to resolve conflicts between his men. When leading a team of numerous individuals, a leader dependably needs to unite the colleagues and help them to remember their basic objective
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