Character Analysis Of Carpe Diem In Dead Poets Society

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Dead Poets Society Welton Academy is known for its tradition, honor, discipline and excellence. Its open for young boys to prepare them for college and in this academy, Dead Poets Society was formed. It is a geek organization of romantics, as describe by Mr. Keating. This movie talks about a group of seven boys who discovered a society joined by their English professor years ago. They started to reconvene the society and formed meetings every night at an old Indian cave. Not only the society was built but also new friendship arose from their meetings. Throughout their gatherings, they discovered what they want and started to chase their dreams; the things that they wanted to do from the beginning. However, they are limited from their actions…show more content…
This is also related to Neil’s exploring his self-identity. Being torn between his ideal self and his present self, caused him leaving with no choice to lose his life. I think what made Todd and Neil friends is that, they are both finding their selves—Todd, in search for his true self away from the image of his brother and Neil, in search for his true identity independent from his…show more content…
The main lesson in the story is Carpe Diem. This serves as the motto of the boys in finding their passion in the story. In every scene that they are motivated to do what they want to do, they always say, “Carpe Diem.” Time flies so fast and as long as we have the energy to chase our dreams, we must live and make it happen because no one knows when we will perish. Simply, it is seizing the day. We must seize the day through widening our perspective; we must also look at things in a different way. By that, we are able to understand humanity; we are able to learn empathy and socialize with others. I learned to think for ourselves and strive to find what I really want. It is being independent and responsible for our actions because the choices we make defines us. There is a time for daring and a time for caution best explains how we seize our day. Being brave and courageous has its own time and place but we must also not forget that every action has its own consequences. Being an adult, I must always think for more options and think first before I act since my time for caution is

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