Character Analysis Of Catherine In Cynthia Lord's Rules

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How is Catherine unique? In the book, Rules by Cynthia Lord, Catherine was the main character who faced many challenges throughout the book. She has a mom who does not really understand her problems. Her dad does not really play a big role in the story. These challenges often include his little brother, David, messing up things. Furthermore, she has shown many different traits in the story that helped this story be so interesting. 2 main character traits that she showed in the story are protective and sensitive. First of all, Catherine is protective towards her little brother, David. She does not let anyone make fun of him, especially Ryan. On page 31 it says, “David waves out of the car window. ‘Hi Ryan!’ ‘Don’t say ‘hi’ to him.’ I tell David.” After the event where Ryan has made fun of David on the bus, Catherine has been really protective when Ryan was around David. In her mind, she is thinking that Ryan will make fun of David again. It is shown that Ryan bullies David again, on page 108, “But when David opens the wrapper, there’s nothing inside. He…show more content…
She is protective towards her brother. She has never let Ryan get away with teasing David. On the other hand, Ryan never learns to not make fun of David in front of Catherine. Even though David embarrasses Catherine, she loves David. She shows the true responsibility of an older sibling. She is also very sensitive because she get angry and sad really quickly. When Jason’s mother yelled at her, she said she had to use all of her strength to not cry. If a strong person was in her position I believe this person would not even be close to crying. All in all, I think that Catherine was a great character made by Cynthia Lord. I hope to see more of these type of stories from Cynthia Lord. Catherine is a truly nice character. Catherine is just like a person I know called Samantha. She was my neighbor and she was really sensitive and protective of her
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