Character Analysis Of Catwoman

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Since her comic debut in 1940, Catwoman has certainly had more than nine lives. From a bored socialite to an amnesiac flight attendant to a caring mother, Catwoman has done it all. Catwoman’s diverse character has evolved dramatically over the years. It saw changes in her costumes, actresses and gender roles.

Catwoman’s change in appearance over the decades can be described as nothing short of dramatic. Catwoman has had more radical costume changes than almost any other hero or villain. In her first appearance of the Batman issue in 1940, she is simply known as “ The Cat “. Here, her look consists of the head of a cat and a yellow suit. The inspiration behind this outfit choice was to emphasise her sneaky thief-like persona as well as her nemesis relationship to batman. It is clear that Catwoman’s first portrayal differed dramatically from the independent, slick-looking,
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Catwoman’s character was portrayed by three gorgeous women, all showcasing a different aspect of Catwoman. The first and most popular woman is Julie Newmar who played Cat woman in 1966. Not only were her looks on parr with Catwoman’s appearance but she also brought to life the fun, charming and slightly cruel side of Catwoman. Following her performance shortly after, Lee Meriwether slipped into her black suit and gracefully portrayed Catwoman as Batman's love interest. Although she did not feature long enough for her performance to be memorable, Catwoman's seductive charm was definitely imprinted on Batman. Last but not least, Eartha Kitt was set to star as Catwoman in 1967. Kitt was the first example of ‘colour-blind’ casting in America during the civil rights movement. Since intimate race relations were considered taboo, the air of romance between Catwoman and Batman instantly vanished and Catwoman became the more viscous character we know her to be today. This prompted a change in her gender
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