The Color Purple Feminist Analysis Essay

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Primary Characters in Feminist Analysis Celie Celie is considerably a woman whose life is substantial enough to determine and discuss the common problems endured by black women in an American society. Her character is very enduring, loving and ignorant all at the same time. However, her ignorance lead her into becoming a transformed woman whose strength was shaped by all the sufferings, failure and knowledge she gained from her troubled life. Despite of all the bad treatment she received, she still able to give love and care especially when given the same care. Celie is even capable of loving unconditionally which makes her a remarkable role model or a graceful and loving woman in a feminist point of view. This character has the strength…show more content…
Her sister Celie saved her from different bad circumstances in life from being abused by their father, from being uneducated and from being married to a man she barely know. Nettie served as a motivating force for Celie to endure all the troubles she experienced in her life. Alphonso An abusive man who fathered Celie and Nettie but it was revealed in the end that he was not their biological father. He abused and raped Celie during her teenage years until he send her off to marry a man stranger to Celie. He is a picture of an abusive, cruel and pervert man who only thinks about his own satisfaction and disregarded even his own flesh and blood. Harpo He is Mister’s son from his first wife and a husband to Sofia. Just like his father Albert/Mister, he condone the patriarchal belief and justify his beatings to his wife as legit because she won’t follow him as the ruler of the house. In The Color Purple, Walker also voices concern over gender dynamics; the polarity between masculinity and femininity causes the division of gender roles; not being able to fit into role models is frustrating; men and women are supposed to show masculine attributes and feminine attributes respectively (Hsiao, 2008). The Special Symbols The Color
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