Character Analysis Of Celie

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Primary Characters in Feminist Analysis
Celie is considerably a woman whose life is substantial enough to determine and discuss the common problems endured by black women in an American society. Her character is very enduring, loving and ignorant all at the same time. However, her ignorance lead her into becoming a transformed woman whose strength was shaped by all the sufferings, failure and knowledge she gained from her troubled life. Despite of all the bad treatment she received, she still able to give love and care especially when given the same care. Celie is even capable of loving unconditionally which makes her a remarkable role model or a graceful and loving woman in a feminist point of view. This character has the strength that most women black or not would desire to become because Celie was able to endure the most painful and traumatic events that a woman could experience such as losing children, sexual abuse, domestic violence, heartbreak, loss of love ones, and cruelty by the people around her. Yet, Celie stood and became the courageous and inspiring woman who was able to shift her life from poverty to success, from coward to brave and from ignorance to intelligence. As the novel progresses, however, and as Celie grows in experience, her observations become sharper and more informed (Watkins, 1982). Individuals like Celie is considerably at the bottom of the social hierarchy because she is poor, black and female. Walker intended to create such
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