Character Analysis Of Character Development In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Although Jem’s moral and character develops in the first part of the book, some of his characteristics cannot change. One time an old lady on drugs, Ms. Dubose, shouted to him ‘Your father’s no better than the niggers and trash he works for!’ Hearing that, Jem became furious and grabbed Scout’s baton and began cutting every camellia bush in Ms. Dubose’s lawn. After that he snapped Scout’s baton into two. When he got home Atticus was mad at Jem and as a consequence, Jem had to read to Ms. Dubose every day for no more than 2 hours. At first, Jem was easily startled. After he went through the consequence he changed into a more patient person, but he still wasn’t sorry for destroying Ms. Dubose’s bushes. In Maycomb there is a house where an interesting family called the Radleys lives in. Scout and Jem are both afraid of the Radleys house because of Boo Radley. Rumors say that most crimes are done by him, mostly nocturnal events like mutilated chickens and pets. Jem had never seen Boo. Dill, a friend of Jem, dared him to touch the Radleys House so Boo Radley would come out. ‘Jem threw the gate open and sped to the side of the house, slapped it with his palm and ran back past us, not waiting to see if his foray was successful.’ At first he was scared, but since his pride of never backing out on a dare was too big, he did it anyway. After this event, Jem’s fear towards the Radleys lessened. One day Scout came to Jem saying that there was chewing gum inside the Radleys tree, in a
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