Character Analysis Of Charles Dickens Great Expectations

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In Charles Dickens novel, Great Expectations, emerges around a young boy who grows up to being a “gentleman”. A young boy who seems to have no sense of identity, an orphan moved from place to place. Young Pip is an orphan brought up “by hand” by his short tempered, foul mannered sister, whom is married to a blacksmith Joe Gargery. Feeling he is a burden on his sister, young Pip is delighted at being given the opportunity to go off to London to improve himself and his life, he takes off with Miss Havisham`s nephew Herbert Pockett. This move changes young Pip, he disregards his life with the Gargery`s, the life he has once lived. The character of Pip in the novel is seen to portray characteristics of one who is snobbish, selfish and portrays dandyism. These characteristics are made evident in a number of instances throughout the novel. Pip shows a sense of selfishness which is noted in his thoughts and actions. The selfishness is shown in Pip`s thoughts “It is a miserable thing to feel ashamed of home” ( Dickens106), this is rather selfish of Pip to have such thoughts for no child should refer to home as a miserable place, a place to be ashamed of or his family. It is rather considered disrespectful, being ungrateful and selfish for an orphan to be ashamed of home. However, there is a reason that young Pip is experiencing such thoughts “home has never been a pleasant place to be because of my sister`s temper” (Dickens106). Pip`s sister constantly reminds him how much of a
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