Character Analysis Of Charles Halloway In The Great Gatsby

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Section #1 characterization
Charles Halloway is introduced in the story as Will Halloway's father. Charles has many shifts in attitude and many different behavior changes. In the novel, Will thought “That’s Charles William Halloway, thought Will, not grandfather, not far-wandering, ancient uncle, as some might think, but... my father Charles is also seen as an old man.” (Bradbury, 14) Charles is seen as an old man because he is older than most dad’s that have a son Will’s age. The author makes him this way to show his unhealable wound. “The exquisite flow of an invisible mermaid daring the ice to capture it.” (26)Charles commits the sin of lust because he pictures the most beautiful woman in the world and he conflicted from creating me most
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“The old man gusted out, sucked in, swore in a fierce whisper, then climbed again.” Charles has issues getting up the ladder hinting something is wrong with him. The author shows his having breathing problems hinting something isn’t right in Charles’ body. (139) “And he put on his coat and hat and went out into the strange bright rainy sunshine that filled the cold air.” Charles becomes braver by going out to save the boys. He does this because he realizes Jim and Will are in trouble and he loves them dearly. (164)”Will’s father blew a dense cloud of cigar smoke. It made a fine thick cumulus surrounding the woman.” Charles knows about the witch and the carnival because he sees what the witch is trying to do to find the boys. He starts helping the boys defeat the carnival because he knows it is evil. (179) “First things first. Let’s bone up on history.” Mr. Halloway begins to explain the meaning behind the carnival by describing the way it works. He does this so the boys know exactly what is going on and why Mr. Dark wants them. (196) “Dad, said Will, amazed. I never knew you could talk” Will starts to notices how smart his dad is by paying more attention to his dad. He does this because they are
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