Character Analysis Of Charlie Feehan In The Runner

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Charlie Feehan is the main protagonist in the novel, The Runner. Charlie changes how he sees the world from three experiences. Charlie changed when his father dies. Charlie also changed after he fought Mr Peacock and Finally, Charlie changed when he shows empathy towards Squizzy’s debtors. An experience that changes Charlie is when Charlie’s father dies. This experience changes him when he says, “When the undertakers came to wheel my father’s lifeless body out to the hearse, it was as if they took my childhood with them. Like other boys, I still wore ‘Knickerbockers’ in the schoolyard. I played ‘queenies’ and marbles too. But once the lessons were over, I returned home and stepped into the long pants of adulthood. I tell you I got so confused sometimes I didn’t know who it was I was supposed to be.” (p.28) Charlie needed to become an adult because his father passed away was a big inspiration for him and no one in his family can take that responsibility but he doesn’t know if he is still a child or an adult. Another experience that changes Charlie is after he fought with Mr Peacock. This is shown when Mr Redmond says, “Charlie. Personally, I’d think twice before messin with ya, after what I saw the other night.” (p.81) Charlie became confident for …show more content…

Charlie changes how he sees the world from three experiences. Charlie changed because of his father passing away by becoming an adult, Charlie became more confident because he protected his mother from an abusive man and had people ‘encourage’ his confidence. Finally, Charlie has changed by showing empathy towards people who are in debt of gangster that are going through hardship just like Charlie’s family. Charlie is the protagonist of the story, the Runner because he has made his character unique by showing character change, emotion and by displaying the theme of the novel through his character which has made this reading experience exceptionally

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