Character Analysis Of Choices In East Of Eden By John Steinbeck

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Our choices come from our own opinions and the ideas of them come from our surrounding elders. When we are young are parents teach us what is right and wrong. When we are making choices the thoughts and ideas are parents taught us are always in the back of our minds. And as we become older and more mature to make are own choices we usually forget your parents ideas and use yours that are what come from your own heart.
In East of Eden Steinbeck turns back to the ideals of the bible through some of his characters. A Lot of the bible ideas come with Adam Trask and the timshel he carries throughout the story. Adam's virtue comes into to help free his son Cal. In the story the Men view themselves as part of the natural world. Cal, felt since his mother was bad he had to follow her steps. But deep down Cal was good,he just couldn't find it. Late in the book Abra had to bring it out of him.
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However Timshel is actually planted in most it's the fact of if they activate it or give into evil. Mrs. Trask in the book is seen as a timshel-less person. As she does wild things and confessing “to crimes she could not possibly have committed” (Steinbeck) such as drowning “herself in a pond so shallow that she had to get down on her knees”(Steinbeck).We are able to see her stuck in evil. Timshel is the choice of which to escape evil for good but it is harder to escape then we believe. Mrs. Trask is unable to escape this evil, with her choice of suicide and how she isn't gifted with

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