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McCandless’s death was surely sad, having known that someone starved and freezed to death. However, there were multiple things that could have been done to more than likely prevent what happened. Even at the chance to increase his odds of survival when other people offered to help, McCandless didn’t want more of an advantage. Not being prepared in an environment like this can kill you. Being as knowledgeable about the wild as he is, you would know that being unprepared will die, and McCandless probably did. Starting his treacherous journey towards Alaska, Chris had been on many expeditions. Knowing that, he he should have an idea as to what he should bring along with him, bare essentials at the very least. In the Hunger Games, you were not able to have much, if at all anything, to bring with you unless you were able to take something from the cornucopia, those who could not get what they wanted risked or even ensured death upon themselves, whether it be by another competitor or by the wilderness. What makes Chris different from the people in the Games is that he…show more content…
However, not having any civilization around you puts you at great risks, including not having anyone around incase emergency strikes, which is exactly what happened to Chris. Again, this tends to make someone believe that he would know that, and it’s because he does. Being in the top of your class for high school and college does not come out of nowhere, and common sense would tell someone that it’s not a good idea to be alone in the middle of the final frontier for months on end. That’s why inside of The Hunger Games, the teenagers selected are put in there so that they die. Given, the games never last several months long, but it shows that when put into extreme environments, you will more than likely find struggle in surviving for very

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