Character Analysis Of Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club

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In this chapter, the analysis in the previous chapter will be concluded. The narrator is the main character in a novel written by Chuck Palahniuk entitled Fight Club. The name of the narrator itself is unknown. In the previous chapter the characteristics of the narrator is analyzed. The existence of Tyler Durden and things that affecting the existence of Tyler are also analyzed
The first conclusion is about the narrator’s characters. In the story the narrator is described as a cynical person. The way he reacted to Bob’s honesty about what happened to him in the past, and everything about those hormones and how he reacted to the condition of Chloe who are suffered from brain parasites, almost dead, and her last wish shows how cynical he is.He thinks that people are motivated by self-interest, he is distrustful of human sincerity or integrity. The fact that he never gave his real name at support group is also a proof that the narrrator is being cynical, the narrator does not believe the people at the support group is the reason.
The narrator is also pictured as a hypocritical person. The narrator hates Marla, because she is exactly just like him when it comes to the support group. Marla does not suffer from any of the disease related to the support group. The narrator and Marla are the same, coming to the support groups because they have their own reason, and the reason is not because they have the disease.
In this novel, the narrator is also considered as a consumerist. The
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