Character Analysis Of Connie In Smooth Talk

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The movie “Smooth talk” has a related vision to human trafficking. The story introduces Connie, an ordinary, fifteen-year old, attractive teenager who seems to be very naïve. She is engrossed with her appearance and her mother scolds her for it and proceeds to tell her that she should be more like her older sister. Due to the constant scolding from her mother and praising towards her sister, Connie does not get along with them. The only thing she is thankful for is the fact that she is able to go out with friends and meet boys since her sister goes out also. Throughout the story, one is able to grasp the conflict, complication, and the climax. Connie appears to be the typical teenage girl, which in this story seems to be her biggest mistake. One night as Connie was out with her friend, a boy named Eddie invites her to eat and she leaves her friend to go with him. As they both walk through the parking lot, she notices a man staring at her in a gold convertible. Connie does not recognize him but cannot help but stare back. The man smiles at her and threatens her in a vague way by saying, “Gonna get you, baby.” Connie walks away while Eddie does not notice anything and they continue on with their date. The conflict of this story appears to be the small…show more content…
Human trafficking has augmented intensely in time; it appears to be happening more often. All it takes is walking down the road. In this case, Connie was the one walking down that road. Arnold had been stalking her, her friends, and her family planning out the right time to take her. Teenage girls are very naïve and unaware of their surroundings; it is no wonder why they are the easiest target. Even after Connie and Arnold had an encounter, Connie did not pay much attention to it. Even though she was very naïve, the blame is still on the sick minded people in this world who in this case is represented by

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