Character Analysis Of Cookie Monster In Big Bird's Monster

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In this episode, Cookie Monster begins the show by singing about his day, and how he thinks he will get treats and cookies. Cookie Monster joins Gordon and Sidney who are using cookies to learn about patterns, and run out of cookies to get more. They tell Cookie Monster not to eat their cookies because they need it for their game. Cookie Monster avoids eating the cookies, looks away from them, and says he won’t be eating the cookies even though he really wants to, but doesn’t notice when a mysterious hand comes and takes all the cookies away. When Gordon and Sidney return, Cookie Monster is blamed for having eaten all the cookies, despite being innocent. This happens again when Cookie Monster enters Big Bird’s nest, and is told not to eat the cookies that Big Bird and Snuffy are using to make shapes. The cookies are again taken while the two are deciding what shape to make with the cookies, and falsely accuse the innocent Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster then visits the Mail It Shop, where Maria is sending cookies for her aunt in Puerto Rico. When Cookie Monster gets excited about the cookies, she allows him to have one, and promises that he can have a fresh batch the next day. While Maria is searching for the box, Cookie Monster turns away and talks about what kind of cookie he wants her to bake for him tomorrow. However, before Maria and Cookie Monster can notice, the cookies disappear. Although she forgives Cookie Monster, she also thinks that he ate the entire box when

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