Character Sketch Of Creon In Antigone

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Eric Estrella Professor: Corinne Croce ENG 210 September 28, 2016 Antigone The character from the play that I have chosen is Creon. Creon in the play is the king of Thebes and is Antigone’s uncle. Creon is a powerfully built person who cherishes order and loyalty above anything. Creon is also the man who suffers the burdens of the rule he had enforced over his pride to make the Gods satisfy and to make people see he wasn't someone to be disobey too. Before the deaths of Oedipus and his sons, Creon had dedicated himself as an art patronage for the king, but ever since he had become king himself, he has then surrendered himself entirely to the throne and to the power he has now have. In the play, Creon has Polyneices body defined on the ground while Eteocles body is honorably buried. Creon feels that he cannot give equal share to both brothers because one was a traitor and the other was loyal. Creon’s pride oversees any other way in justify them so he then enforce a law in which states Polyneices body will remain untouched and not buried and those who disobey will be punished. After being a powerful king and all, he finds out that Antigone, the one he swore to look after along with her sister, committed in disobeying his law and breaking it by burying Polyneices body. It was then where he second guess himself on going along with his…show more content…
I feel this rule is important and should be followed because it is the proper and the right thing to do. For example, giving up your seat for an elder is very much needed to be done. The reason for giving up your seats for them is that they may be too old and don’t not have much energy in them to have the ability to stand up in a crowded and moving vehicle for so long. In today's society that I live in, some people don't even have the proper matter to give up their seats for

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