Character Analysis Of Creon In Sophocles 'Antigone'

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Creon’s conflict involves two choices that seem equally righteous—that is, between the stability of the state and obedience to divine law. Initially, he wants to protect his people and stand against all odds. He is willing to listen to advice, take no man who does not support Thebes as his friend, and bury all bodies according to divine law. Instead, Creon opposes the gods’ law and does not follow through with his initial plans. Therefore, his tragic flaw is hubris, or excessive pride that causes his transgression again the gods. It also marks the change from democracy to dictatorship. Some of his errors in judgement include making decisions because of narcissism, not including the gods’ law, refusing to bury the body, and condemning Antigone to death in the cave so he is not blamed for disobeying the gods’ law.…show more content…
Four people try to convince Creon of the errors of his actions. Antigone’s justification for burying her brother’s body is to honor and respect him, thus following the gods’ law and proving loyalty to her brother and respect for the gods. Haemon’s appeal voices the peoples’ support, Antigone’s righteous behavior, and confesses his love for her. Teiresias’ prophecy foreshadows Creon’s punishment, or two debts, if he disobeys the laws of the
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