Character Analysis Of Crispin: Cross Of Lead By Avi

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Crispin: Cross of Lead by Avi, tells the story of a 13 year old serf boy named Crispin who becomes an orphan after his mother dies and must leave his town or will be hunted and killed as a wolfs head. While on his odyssey to escape his hunter, John Aycliffe, he meets a juggler with contrasting opinions named Bear who becomes Crispin’s master. Bear protects him and teaches him a new life, how to juggle and play the flute, and new opinions on government aspects. Crispin transforms mentally and physically throughout the story, showing the reader what he overcame and realized. Crispin is a dynamic character because throughout the story he seeks his true identity, his opinions on the feudal system develop, and he starts the story anxious, unconfident,…show more content…
He lived as a serf who never knew how to read, write, or do anything other than his job and he had to leave his town because he was unrightfully claimed a wolfs head so he had to try to fend for himself. “O Great and Giving Jesus, I, who have no name, who am nothing, who does not know what to do, who is all alone in Thy world, I, who am full of sin, I implore Thy blessed help, or I’m undone.” (21) Crispin is praying to God to save him from the plight he was bound in, he was an experienced, terrified, and all alone while in the forest. Instead of being brave and trying to survive for himself, he called on a savior to help him. “By the Devil’s own spit...Have you lived your life under a rock? Were you born of sheep? Do you know nothing of drums, horns, and pipes? Do you even…show more content…
His master, Bear, helps open him up as well, he teaches Crispin to be independent and to do what he likes. “ Crispin, there’s an old saying: ‘If you have to choose between alertness and worry, being alert will bring you more days of life.’” (132) Bear is telling Crispin to stop worrying about what is going to happen and to start thinking about his own thoughts and what is happening at the moment. Crispin is not used to this so he is reaching about uncomfortably, finding the way meant to. “To my surprise there was a relief in speaking. How strange it was to have someone to listen to me.” (94) Crispin is realizing that it is nice to have someone listening to him for once instead of being a silent being all the time. As the story is developing Crispin’s confidence and courage is also developing along with
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