Character Analysis Of Curley's Wife

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Steinbeck has written ' 'Of Mice And Men ' ' about an adventure of George and Lennie trying to accomplish their American dream 's during the Great Depression during the 1930 's where thousands of people lost their jobs in the Wall Street Crash making them feel hopeless. George and Lennie come to work at a ranch near Soledad in California. There they meet fellow ranch mates and a woman called Curley 's Wife. In this essay I will focus on how Curley 's Wife 's personality and actions change throughout the novella and who she affect her and other bunkmates throughout the novella. In addition to that I would be showing how Steinbeck creates tension by using Curleys Wife. Curley 's Wife is first shown as a dangerous desperate villain in the novella by Steinbeck. You can see this from the repetition of the word red. For example he says 'red mules ' , 'bouquets of red ostrich feathers ' , ' Her fingernails were red. ' This summarizes that Curley 's Wife is trying to look her best in front of the bunkmates to flirt with them by showing off her beauty. Steinbeck has also used the word 'red ' numerous times to show how confident she is towards her body features since red is a highly noticeable colour. It also tells us that she uses most of her time towards her appearance this might mean that deep down in her heart she feels self-conscious , insecure and feels pressured to look a certain way. The colour red also emphasises dangerous and cautions feelings like sounds of police
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