Character Analysis Of Dally In 'The Outsiders'

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“I’m walking to the Nightly Double tomorrow night. Anybody want to come and hunt some action?” (Hinton, 14) This is just one of the countless things that Dally says to show his ferocious self. In the novel The Outsiders, written by S. E. Hinton, Dally is stuck in a world of Socs and Greasers, two social classes that do not get along. Dally is a Greaser who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with members of his gang. He starts out as an obnoxious teenager; however, he becomes a rebellious, but considerate person when Johnny, a boy that he loved, helped Dally learn how to care for others. Early in the story, Dally is a tough teenager who shows his obnoxious personality when confronting people. When Dally and his friends go to the NIghtly Double, they meet two Socs. Dally’s obnoxious…show more content…
The first situation was when Johnny, a boy that Dally loved, decided to willingly surrender to the police. Dally knew what it was like in jail, and showed his compassion for Johnny in the quote, “‘Johnny’ - he pushed his white-blond hair back out of his eyes - ‘you get hardened in jail. I don’t want that to happen to you. Like it happened to me...’” (90). This shows that Dally cares for Johnny. The second situation was when Johnny got hurt and went to the hospital. Dally visited Johnny in the hospital to talk, even though he normally didn’t care about anyone . In conclusion, Dally showed his compassion when Johnny suffered through some unfortunate events. “So even Dally has a breaking point” (152). This quote, spoken by Two-Bit after Johnny died, shows that even though Dally became considerate for other people, he still couldn’t handle some events. Dally was rebellious when Johnny died, because Johnny was the only person that he truly loved. In fact, he was so broken that he died on purpose just to get rid of his life. All in all, Dally became rebellious when he reached his breaking
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