Character Analysis Of Dally Winston In 'The Outsider'

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The outsiders essay When you think of heros you don't think of someone getting into gang fights, is a good fighter, ot even has a huge file on him or her at the police station. However, in the outsiders Dally Winston did all those things and he is still called a hero. First, he cares about Johnny and Ponyboy. When the boys wanted to go to the movies Dally took them to movies because steve didn’t want to go with them. Dally helped them run away after johnny had killed bob. He gave them clothes, a gun, money and somewhere to hide out, they were hiding out at an abandoned church. While the police were looking for them for arrest. After a week of hiding out, Dally went to the place where they were hiding and checked in on them and had taken them somewhere to eat because they hadn't eaten in awhile.…show more content…
There was kids in there that's why the boys went in there. When ponyboy came out of the church, he was on fire but dally put it out with his arm, and after that happened he tried to help johnny get out too. The night of the rumble Dally escaped from the hospital because johnny had died. He robbed a grocery store and the police were catching him he had a gun that wasn't loaded to make it seem like it was and pointed it to the police officers and they shot him. Dally meant to do that because he wanted to be with johnny and he really cared about him. Some people don’t agree about Dally being a hero. Some things that pony is a hero or johnny is, because, they saved the kids form the church and risked their lives. However, Dally can still be a better choice. He saved jonny’s and ponyboy’s lives and he really cared about them. He also helped the boys go find shelter from the arrest. Even though they did those things i still think that he’s a better

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