Dear Dumb Diary Character Analysis

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Main Character:

Jamie Kelly is the main character in the book Dear Dumb Diary #7 she has an amazing personality that expresses herself throughout the series Dear Dumb Diary. To begin with, Jamie is mainly the protagonist, because she always predicts what can happen and has a plan for everything, so she takes action for right away on any problem. To add on, Jamie is a judgemental person, because she always judges others based on the stuff she doesn 't have. Lastly, Jamie is a caring person, she sometimes act like a mean and cruel person but she cares about others before herself. These are some of Jamie’s personalities.

Supporting Character #1:

Isabella is Jamie Kelly’s best friend, she is a very mean, caring, and intelligent girl. Isabella
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From the cause of Jamie turning in the shiny glittery earrings they turned out to be the glitter Stinker had ate. Aunt Carol was informed Angelina had put those on her desk, but later on Jamie felt bad Angelina was not allowed to go to the school dance so Jamie admitted she put the earrings on her Aunt’s desk because she thought they were earrings. Also, since everyone has been helping pitch in for Aunt Carlo’s and Uncle Dan’s wedding it was a successful day and both families were now united. To end off, it became a surprise that Stinker and Sticky Buns were going to have puppies. Jamie was happy for her dog but she was mad at Isabella for lying to her and because she was going to be grandma’s with Angelina. That is what happened at the end of the book Dear Dumb Diary #7.


Dear Dumb Diary #7 was a very interesting book to read. In the beginning of the book Jamie gets invited to help decorate posters for the school dance. To add on, in the middle of the book both Angelina’s and Jamie’s families help create Aunt Carol’s and Uncle Dan’s wedding. At the end of Dear Dumb Diary #7, Aunt Carol and Uncle Dan have unforgettable wedding and Jamie and Angelina become grandmothers from their dogs’ having puppies together. Those are the things that happen throughout the book Dear Dumb Diary #7.

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