Character Analysis Of Delphine In The Mother

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Delphine, the main character of this novel, lives with her father, grandmother and two siblings in Brooklyn, NYC. Her father sends Delphine and her two sisters, Vonetta and Fern, to spend their summer with their estranged mother, Cecile, in Oakland. The father believes it is essential that the young girls meet their mother. They haven’t seen their mother for the past seven years since she had abandoned them. However, as the three little girls got out of the plane to meet their mom, her reaction was appalling; she rudely ordered them to follow her. The young girls found themselves with a mother who was clearly not pleased of this ‘interference’ into her life. Cecile sends them to the People’s Center, which is a summer camp run by a Black Panther organization for young people. The purpose of the camp is to teach revolution. Through their summer experience, the girls grow and learn a lot about identity. Eventually, the girls learn more about their mother and finally bond.

Family and independency are a pinnacle element in this novel, as a matter of fact both are addressed all throughout the book. These themes play an important role in the realm of the novel as they explore the character of Delphine. As Delphine discovers the true side of her mother she also learns about herself as well, she unearths the truth about being a black girl in America as her mother makes her join the Black-Panthers. Furthermore, as she takes care of her little sisters the readers can see a great

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