A Thousand Splendid Suns Character Analysis Of Pepperonis

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Let's take the scene to Dominos, you’ve just sat down with your family to eat a nice delicious pizza. You only have $15 dollars in your pocket so, your family will have to share one large pizza. Bob, the father loves cheese and claims it is the best possible topping on the pizza. Liza, the mother states the she has to have pepperonis and so does the two children, Jan and Glen. The waiter is furiated by the mother and children and says that there is no pizza without the cheese but, pepperonis are just sub topics you can always replace. Well let's bring it back to A Thousand Splendid Suns, Laila is the cheese on the novel’s pizza crust and characters like Mariam, Aziza, and Rasheed are all of the tiny pepperonis on the pizza that aren’t as significant…show more content…
When Aziza was born Laila was at one of the happiest points of her life. In the beginning of chapter 34 Laila is admiring how much she truly loves Aziza, “Of all earthly pleasures, Lailia’s favorite was lying next to Aziza. Her baby’s face so close that she could watch her big pupils dilate and shrink.” this shows how truly compassionate Laila was for her children. Later in the story when Lailia ran off with Tariq and her children, even though they were haunted by their past Laila felt like a natural family as if she had done the right thing for the children. Sadly, the hero in her came out and had to return to the war to help rebuild the city after it was over. Because of Laila was such a great mother, this helped make her a much greater hero.

Hopefully by now you understand why the furiated wiater claimed that you must have the “cheese” or Lailia on your pizza rather than the minor flavors for instance: pepperoni, bacon, and ham. Laila is the overall hero of the novel “A Thousand Splendid Suns” because, she was able to obtain a great amount of knowledge, she had little to no fears, and she was an amazing mother for her two
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