Dorian Gray

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The Picture of Dorian Gray is written by a popular writer, Oscar Wilde. Oscar Wilde are famous because of his poetry and short stories but this is his only novel. The genre of this story are classic horror story. This story show us how a man turned to be a killer for his own personal needs and desire. He desire for his portrait will get aging instead of him and he will remain young forever. This story grabs reader’s attention by Dorian Gray itself. He changed a lot because of the idea of someone he barely knew. The main idea of this story is obsessiveness of human in order to achieve their own pleasure. The setting is taken place in London on 1890. The uniqueness of the story is when the first time Dorian met with Lord Henry at Basil’s studio.…show more content…
It breaks those stereotype stories about people who consider live a normal life. The author is so brave and quite daring when he dare to writing something different from our norm. This story show and educate us how people who are homosexual living their life. They also have their own needs, desires and ambition in their life. Back then, homosexual is something that look disgusting for other people but in this era, it is not something weird anymore. I think even though they might have different opinion in sex compares to us, it is not professional to discriminate them based on their personal life. I came to believes that people tend to set their own kind of normal and for people who did not follow their set of mind are consider as abnormal. I am not actually a classic novel reader but The Picture of Dorian Gray made me enjoyed my reading. To be honest, the first three chapters are quite dull and also boring as the words sometime are really hyperbola but the excitement part of this story started at Chapter Four when Dorian Gray admitted that he is fallen in love with Sibyl Vane. Personally, I thinks that someone who is homosexual could never falls for a woman however this story show that they are not like that. Some homosexual people also get attracted to women and some of them also married to women even they have their own personal like in matter of gender. I would like to recommend this
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