Character Analysis Of Emily Grierson

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Kierrah Edwards ENGL 201 9/20/15 Character Analysis: Emily Grierson The short story “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner depicts how seclusion can certainly impact one’s life. Throughout the story, Emily gives off this “insane” impression. However, after fully reading the story, the reader can fully understand why Emily was the way she was. Emily Grierson was a very dependent person. From a very young age, she found herself being confined in her home with her father and their butler. There is no mention of her mother, so one can only assume that the mother was absent in Emily’s life. Emily’s father isolated Emily away from the outside world, thinking that no one would ever be good enough for her. This is where the reader begins to see the dependent and possessive nature. Being that she was sheltered away from the outside world, she had no friends, thus becoming dependent on her father. This type of dependency, can affect someone’s mental state. After his death, she has a rather difficult time coming to terms with his demise, refusing to believe that one person she connected to most, was gone. This continued for three days, and while the community saw her denial of her father’s death as a normal part of the grieving process, it certainly was something deeper than what it was. After she finally accepts her father’s passing, she meets a Northern laborer who comes into town as a contractor, Homer Barron. Normally, someone of Emily’s status wouldn’t normally associate
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