Character Analysis Of 'A Rose For Emily'

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Every Rose Has Its Thorn: A Character Analysis of “A Rose for Emily”
“A Rose for Emily.” begins at Miss Emily Grierson’s own funeral and then proceeds to go back in time and explain things that happened throughout her life. A description of Grierson’s funeral was explained vividly in her own home and the feelings of the towns-people’s thoughts of her throughout her life were addressed as well. Grierson was raised by her father in the town of Jefferson, Mississippi. Her father, Mr. Grierson seemed to seclude her from the rest of the town at an early age and not for much reasoning. He believed that she needed to have an outlook that she was better than everyone else, he was simply controlling. Shortly after the story starts her father dies and
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Once the door came down Homer Barron’s body was found in a bed and it looked as if it had been there for some years at the least. He had totally disappeared before being found and his body looked as if it had begun to rot inwards toward the bed. Not only was the body found but there were several wedding gifts as well as a wedding dress for Grierson and a suit for Homer. Grierson had hoarded the body as she did her own fathers whenever he died. She used the arsenic that she had bought and wouldn’t tell anyone what is was for to take Homer out. She killed him so that he wouldn’t have the choice to leave her, because that was her one and only fear. On top of his body there was one single strand of Emily’s gray hair found on the pillow beside him as if she had told him goodbye and laid in the bed next to his…show more content…
She had lived her life as a lonely old woman who was void of all love and affection. She had dreams of romances and lovers and that just wasn’t the life she lived. At 74 years of age Emily Grierson dies in the downstairs of her own home. Her very own two cousins came down from Alabama and planned out her funeral. Everyone from the town came to her funeral and all for a wide variety of different reasons. No stranger had seen the inside of her home in over ten years, so the women that attended were most likely there just to be nosey and to see what the inside of the mysterious house looked like. The men who attended seemed to care and show their respect for her death, the reason for this is because Mr. Faulkner wanted to show signs that he attempted for men to be the stronger gender during this time period in the South. Death and change were used throughout the story from beginning to end as the hidden theme This story is an important element in literature due to the change created in the South as well as a good story to serve as an example to future
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