Ender Wiggins Character Analysis

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“I am six years, nine months and twelve days old.”-Ender Wiggins Ch. 7 page 77. Ender Wiggins is a very intelligent boy who is the genius who will save the Earth. Ender is the only one of the “launchies” that is capable of defeating the aliens from attacking Earth again. Ender has two siblings, Peter who is really mean, but can be forgiving at some points. Then there is Valentine who is very sweet and looks out for Ender all of the time. Ender is a “third” which means he is the illegal third child between his siblings. He does not know what he is capable of in any way, shape or form. Ender Wiggins has to face Aliens and save the Human Race in a matter of time. He does not realize what he is getting into. “You launchies are all alike, you don’t know anything.”-Mick Ch. 5 page 43. Ender is part of the “launchies” and he is really confused on what is going on. Ender is very thoughtful of people and cares about what others think. Ender tries to do his best with collaborating with his groups but some people tear him down. His brother and him always have their differences with one another. Ender is very nice and tries to meet others but…show more content…
6 page 64. Ender faces a war simulation that he is going again the Giant. Ender has no intention of hurting something or someone, he is very loyal to everyone. “ I am a murderer even when I play, Peter would be proud of me.”-Ender Wiggins Ch. 6 page 65. Ender faces the Giant and defeats him and he feels really guilty at the end of the game. The game is not beatable but Ender proves them wrong and he feels proud of himself knowing that he succeeds. “What matters now is that he won the game that couldn’t be won.”- Colonel Graff Ch. 6 page 66. Ender is sometimes very deceiving of what his abilities really come to. Ender was really sad when he defeated the Giant the way he did. He had felt guilty for what he had done but it needed to happen to pass the
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