Character Analysis Of Erik Fisher In Tangerine

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Have you ever read the novel Tangerine, by Edward Bloor? If so, then you are likely familiar with Erik Fisher, a character in Tangerine, and can reasonably agree that he is mischievous, violent, and heartless. Clearly, Erik Fisher could easily be described as mischievous, and perhaps surreptitious. For example, Erik and his reprehensible cohort, Arthur Bauer, were exposed as as the bandits behind the local robbery, when Erik foolishly decided to enshroud the stolen loot in the Fishers’ garage. The two juvenile delinquents were also the ones censurable for the homicide of Luis Cruz, using the weapon identified by Paul Fisher, Erik’s younger brother, to be a blackjack. Additionally, Erik and his previous myrmidon, a miscreant by the name of Vincent Castor, are proscribed for visually impairing Paul Fisher at a young age. According to the novel, Luis Cruz was, “killed by Arthur Bauer, on orders from Erik.” Undoubtedly, Erik is outlined as a mischievous troublemaker. Furthermore, it is also axiomatic that Erik has a rather violent temperament. For instance, he attempts to injure Paul Fisher on a multitude of occasions. Correspondingly, he is fractionally culpable for the aforementioned cessation of the life of Luis Cruz. Erik could further be portrayed as easily irascible and negatively impulsive. As it is described by Tangerine…show more content…
He paid no mind when the passing of Luis Cruz was announced, and was rather apathetic about the muder in whole. Equivalently, he made rather cruel jokes about the death of Mike Costello, in which a lightning bolt administered the coup de grâce. Furthermore, Erik depicted crude falsehoods of his brother, Paul, which slowly tarnished Paul’s reputation. In reference to Mike Costello’s fatality, Erik was heard bantering Mike, saying, “Did you see his hair? Did you see the side of his head? He got Mowhawked, man!” Irrefutably, Erik Fisher is a cruel, heartless

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