Mary In Eventide 2

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Eventide 2 Mary, the protagonist from the first Eventide game, is taking a well deserved break after saving her mother and the heritage park. Unfortunately, her idea of a vacation is mountain climbing in very remote areas and to make matters worse she brought her niece, Jenny, along for the adventure. Mary finds her trip up the mountain literally cut short when a sorcerer from a nearby forgotten mountain village shows up to kidnap Jenny. Narrowly escaping death, Mary sets off to the village in a quest to rescue her niece and thwart the sorcerer. The original Eventide was a breath of fresh air in the hidden object game genre thanks to the fact that it used Eastern European folk and fairy tales as its inspiration. Eventide 2 follows in its footsteps, but unfortunately the assortment of mythical creatures are notably absent. Instead Mary has to deal with some local villagers and a couple of imps standing between her and the rescue of her niece. The antagonist, Tvardovsky, is a bit of a tragic character and his motivations are more selfish than purely evil. Mary also crosses paths with a man named Yanosik, who is apparently a famous outlaw from Slavic folklore. Most of the town people encounters are being manipulated by the sorcerer with promises of speaking to their loved ones using his magical…show more content…
The lack of mythical creatures and its length does count against it, but we would be lying if we said it wasn’t fun to thwart the immortal sorcerer. The audio is fairly good, even if there aren’t that many background music tracks, and the voice acting, which actually features narration by Michael McConnohie, isn’t too bad either. If you were a fan of the original you might have to lower your expectations a bit for this sequel, but despite its flaws it is still one of the better games in the genre and well worth
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