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I read the book Fish In A Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. Some of the more important characters in this book are Ally, Keasha, Albert, Mr.Daniels and Travis. Ally is the one telling us what is going on throughout the story. Ally has a disorder called dyslexia which cause who ever has it to not be able to read or write letters. All they see on paper are lines moving. In the beginning she has no friend coming into 6th grade and every time the teacher (Mrs.Silver) gives them an assignment to do that involves reading or writing she won 't do it. The teacher doesn 't know that she has dyslexia so she just thinks that Ally is really stupid. Then she got a new teacher Mr.Daniels and he found out that she has dyslexia and is helping her to learn how to…show more content…
I learned to understand her struggles at school by knowing that she was always picked on because she didn 't do anything in class and when a teacher did call on her would say something funny and that would eventually get her sent to the office. I felt bad for her because he was try and she just couldn 't do anything she would get really bad headaches from writing a little paragraph and it would take her like an hour. When she was at the dinner were her mom works to Bullies from school came up to her and started talking to her nice in the beginning and then they wanted her to read them the names of ice cream. The kids are trying to figure out if she can read because she never does anything in school. That made me feel bad for he because she had no friends to try to make her feel better so she was just sad for a while. If there was no one around me after someone does something mean to me I will over think it and evently blame myself…show more content…
If I could ask Ally some questions I would ask, why didn 't you tell someone sooner that you couldn 't read or write? I wouldn 't want her to know anything about me because if she don 't know anything about me than she cant judge me.I would want to know what happens to her when she gets older and if they do teach her brother (Travis) who read too. I want to know what happen to her when she gets older because they talked about a lot of people that had dyslexia did or made very important thing like Thomas Edison, Michael Faraday (invented the electric motor) and Albert Einstein. I want to see if she would would because someone great when she

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