Character Analysis Of Flowers For Algernon

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When reading the story Flowers for Algernon, one of the characters, Charlie Gordon, really stood out mostly because of the way in which he was analysed and perceived to the reader as well as myself. Thinking back on how I would categorize Charlie’s character, I sought out the different meanings of colors and shapes so that when analysed, he would have a geometric shape that could stand as a meaning to the reader and I. So, for Charlie, I drew a white spiral and as it slowly went towards to the center, the color turned into a dark blue. When reading the story, I distinguished Charlie as this color and shape through reading about Charlie’s rapid deterioration through June 4th to July 28th (Flower for Algernon 218-223). These couple of pages as well as scenes show that Charlie, upon realizing the surgery’s effect, begins to lose his intelligence and thought process as it begins to worsen quickly. This degeneration eventually leads back to the original sweet and innocent Charlie we saw in the story before the operation, but also leads to the hurt and misunderstanding that Charlie faces due to his lack of certain understanding. Thus, this type of process can be explained by the spiral, which can mean coming back to something after a very long process, and this type of shape can be found when talking about Charlie because he went through a process that led him right back to where he started. The progression between white to blue through the spiral can also be explained by
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