Character Analysis Of Forrest Gump

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• Forrest Gump was a movie that filmed in 1994 and it has lead role by the stars named Tom Hanks. This story begins with Forrest Gump tells his life experience to strangers sitting next to him while waiting for a bus. At the old time, Forrest Gump was wearing a pair of leg braces devised to straighten his back and from that Forrest Gump has been categorized in abnormal kid. Forrest Gump often bullied by his course mate by throwing stones and chasing him with bicycles. His only friend, Jenny urges him to run as far as he can. At that time, he realizes that his special ability to run like a wind blow without his leg braces. An American football coach discovers his talent and offers him a football scholarship. Meanwhile, the listeners change constantly in particular Forrest’s recount but each illustrating different attitude towards his story, some seems doubtful and some rapt while listening. After graduate from…show more content…
She is a girl who hopes to become a bird to fly far when she was a child. She dreams to become a famous singer but no attain and she was becomes a rebel girl and self-destruction. Janice marries with Forrest after gone through in many different paths of life and died caused by a kind of virus. Robin Wright has delivered a great performance in display this role with difference characteristic and expression and she was one of the nominations in golden globe award for best supporting actress. • Forrest Gump was a movie that we totally unable to forecast how was the story progress. As the movie had shown that Forrest is a simple mind man and he always think of his life with innocent mindset. We cannot predict that Forrest will become a successful person and has a son at the end. Besides that, there are also some storyline that we get to reflect on such as the reason of Jenny hope to become a bird to fly far, how the virus Jenny came from and what type of virus that Jenny

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