Character Analysis Of Geoffrey Chaucer's The Wife Of Bath

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Geoffrey Chaucer is remembered as the author of "The Canterbury Tales", which is thought to be the greatest piece of writing in the whole world. Chaucer made a vital contribution to English literature at that time when the major language was French or Latin. Geoffrey Chaucer was an English poet and born in London. He was the son of a wealthy wine merchant .He got his early education in French, Latin, and Greek. Despite of, his too many jobs as a courtier, knight, diplomat, civil servant, but he gained fame as a poet. Chaucer also helped in standardizing the London Dialect of the Middle English language.
The work from which Chaucer gained the fame in the world of literature was ‘The Canterbury Tales’. It is a descriptive poem containing a description of 30 pilgrims: aristocratic, poor, pious, hypocrites, traders and adventurers. Socially, all pilgrims belong to different professions and social classes. He uses a dramatic style, irony, sense of jumbling, humor, sarcasm and old English while writing this outstanding slice of literature. It is a rhyming couplet. The major theme of this tale is love of
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She had had five husbands. The Wife of Bath is a most charming character in the prologue. She thinks only of herself and loses her temperament, if anyone dares to precede her in offering the prayer. From her perspective, men should give all rights to the females in the married life. She is extremely religious, but has a conflict with the church of the time, especially about re-marriage. This shows her eagerness to go against the society, but she cannot go against the society because after all, she is a female living in the dark ages. She views men as feeble and weak, but she still wants them in her life. Chaucer wants to represent that no matter how much a woman is powerful and dominating, but it is still the man that grants her the power and decides her
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