Character Analysis Of George And Lennie In 'Of Mice And Men'

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People are never going to reach the American Dream. This is the opinion of author John Steinbeck, who felt as though poor people would never achieve the American Dream. In the book “Of Mice And Men” John Steinbeck writes a story about George and Lennie. George and Lennie are poor and they are trying to buy their house, but they fail. In, “Of Mice And Men”, John Steinbeck uses characterization and structure to communicate that being powerless means that you do not mean anything.
In, Of Mice And Men, John Steinbeck uses characterization to show that George and Lennie are powerless to society. When we first meet Lennie, John Steinbeck explains Lennie as “dragging his feet just like a bear drags his paws.” John Steinbeck constantly explains Lennie as an animal because animals don’t have rights, or are treated like people. Another example that Steinbeck shows is when Curly tries to fight Lennie by smashing” down his nose with a right.”(63) John Steinbeck shows in this quote that Lennie does not fight back when Curly is punching him in the face because he is dumb. When Lennie kills the puppy he yells “ God damn you” now George is not going to let me tend no rabbit.(85) Steinbeck shows that Lennie has an intellectual disability. Steinbeck uses characterization to show that Lennie is powerless to society. In Of Mice And Men Steinbeck uses specific plot structures to communicate his message. When Steinbeck begins his story,
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John Steinbeck relates his characters to real life people because people in the real world are powerless and they can’t do anything more than what they are doing to fix the problem. The reader should think to himself that not all people are the same and that some just need a little bit of help to succeed in society. Most people are not going to make the American dream, but some people can just have a little bit of
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