Character Analysis Of Grendel's Mother In Beowulf

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I chose Grendel's mother for my character analysis. Even though Grendel's mother is not in a lot of the text I thought she was an interesting just misunderstood character. I liked that she wanted to avenge her son it shows she is human and not just a monster. The dislike I found in her was how went she went about seeking revenge by killing people brutally. On some levels I can see myself like her protecting my loved ones and feeling pain from the death of a loved one. My mom I believe would be like her to a point if something happened to me. My mom is very anti-social like Grendel's mother. She would come out of her hiding like Grendel's mother if I was hurt and seek answers. I don't believe my mom would take it to the extreme as Grendel's mother did with violence.

Grendel's mother is first revealed as someone who stays hidden in the bottom of the lake. She stays there because of her son Grendel who was a spirit of Cain who was created by his punishment. It is not revealed what she
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The anger from her son's death turns her into a strong fighter. Grendel's mother is able to take on Beowulf, himself a strong warrior. The text, Beowulf, says, “She paid him back quickly with angry claws and clutched him against her,” when talking of her battle with Beowulf. Grendel's mother is of strong character thinking of only her poor son. She cannot be hurt by a normal sword and so she continues to give a good fight. She does not run away and hide. She stays fighting until Beowulf is able to kill her with a sword made by the giants. I think the change was for the better because she was not afraid and hiding alone in her cave at the bottom of the water. She was able to gain the strength to stand up and fight against the strong warrior Beowulf. The love a mother has for her child is so strong it pushed her to change. Her changing helped her end up with her son when she was killed just like
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