Character Analysis Of Guy Montag In 'Fahrenheit 451'

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Our main character, Guy Montag, is a fireman and in the world where he lives, firemen burns, so destroys the books because it is illegal to read a book, even owning a book. If they find someone who has a book, they come and destroy the whole house of this person. After he met with the girl, Clarisse who is also his new neighbor, he realizes that he doesn't really love anything in his life and he starts to feel a big hole in his life which is so annoying. Then he starts to think deeply. And at the same time, his wife overdoses from sleeping pills but she goes back to watch TV when she got better. One day he starts to not seeing Clarisse and then he learns that she had had an accident and died. He steals a book from a house just before the explosion of it and where a woman with her books lives he she choses to die with her books to live a life without books in it and a…show more content…
Montag goes home while his wife and her friends are watching TV, he starts to read a poem from a book to them, they are disturbed by the poem. After that, Montag goes to the fire station and says some quotes from books to Beatty but Beatty says other things against to Montag's ideas to show he doesn't know a lot of things about literature, books and it is complicated and dangerous. Then they heard an alarm sound and it's an alarm for Montag's house. When they come to his house, with her bagages Mildred gets into a cap and goes away. Beatty makes him to burn his own house and when he is done, Beatty tells him he is under arrested but Montag kills Beatty. Meanwhile, a Machine called the Mechanical Hound arrives to hunt him. He goes to Faber and Faber tells him to escape the city and follows the railroad to find some intellectuals. He does, and find a group of intellectuals. Also he learns from the television that the search of the machine was called of and a simple man who is identified as Montag is
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