Mikasa Akerman Character Analysis

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Seth Sadler Hajime Isayama the creator of attack on titan is very popular for having a vivid imagination that he uses in this story though avenging everyone because of the titans.The main character Erin Yeager has a special abilities that only 4 others can use which is titan morphing [turning into a titan and being able to go back to a human] at first though he couldn't control the power of the titan and almost hurt his sister in titan form which surprised everyone but he gets control every now and then and uses it to protect or avenge his friends and family.Mikasa Akerman [Erin Yeagers sister] is very brave and powerful and can fight many titans at once.The smiling titan,the worst memory of a titan and the saddest story,this one titan was…show more content…
these are all great forms of titans and great forms as humans also but they barely can control the power of the titan form making it very dangerous to use and very risky and many sacrifices were made so he wouldn't be hurt sadly even his uncle and sister sacrificed.Hannes is his uncle and he died protecting him from a titan and mikasa-san who is erin’s sister she fractured her bones when a titan grabbed her while she was protecting him but erin saved her just in time because she would've died if that titan squeezed any harder this is why he doesn't like using his titan form very often because many die making sure he doesn't get hurt but this is what keeps them all alive.[Teamwork and protection of others] Hidden passages in attack on titan?katakana[a japanese language not used very often but used to spell old woman's names so a lot of people thought it was odd to see a passage about this and i do to because u don't just do that in one of the top books in the world that gets reviewed almost every day and is probably the most interesting books in
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