Character Analysis Of Hamlet

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Hamlet is a very diverse character that goes through several different emotional stages throughout the novel. Some think that he is depressed because of his father’s death, and some think that his breakup with Ophelia has made him go mad. Though Hamlet does seem out of control at times, it is because he is keeping a secret about his father’s death. The average person does not usually deal with the death of their parent well, and knowing that it was intentional makes Hamlet even more emotionally unstable. From the beginning of the novel, Hamlet proves to be very melancholy, and upset with his life. His father’s sudden death, and his mother’s quick remarry did not help his case. That being said, his emotions lead him to his insanity. Many people claim that Hamlet’s insanity is feigned, but his actions based on things that have happened in the past, prove otherwise. Very shortly after the tragic death of King Hamlet, Gertrude, his wife, immediately remarried to Claudius, making the mourning process quite uncomfortable for Hamlet. Hamlet 's act of stabbing Polonius through the curtain, which occurs almost casually in the middle of the tirade against Gertrude 's lust, seems only to increase his passionate desire to make her see her error in preferring Claudius to her first husband. For Hamlet, however, the problem of seeing a genuine difference between his original father and the man Gertrude has called his father assumes enormous significance at precisely this

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