Character Analysis Of Hamlet's Weaknesses

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Hamlet is William Shakespeare 's renowned tale of mystery, intrigue, and murder, centered on a young misguided prince who can only trust himself. Some may say that the actions of Prince Hamlet throughout the play are weak and fearful, displaying a tendency to procrastinate and showing an apathetic nature towards his family and peers. Others spin a tale of a noble young scholar, driven mad by the cold-blooded murder of his father by his uncle. In truth, I believe Hamlet is neither of these things. Hamlet is a sort of amalgamation of the two, a bundle of contradictions thrown together into one conflicting but very human mess of a character. The quote, "We admire Hamlet as much for his weaknesses as for his strengths", aptly describes my feelings…show more content…
Throughout the play, Hamlet displays an extraordinary talent for acting. He instructs the travelling players on how to perform their piece, writes "some dozen or sixteen lines" to be inserted into 'The Murder of Gonzago ', and puts on an antic disposition in order to "catch the conscience of the king". The strength of his skill aids him greatly, allowing him to act as he pleases in the court and therefore discover everything he needs to about the death of his father. He acts insane, tricking everyone around him into believing his madness, all the while spying and plotting to kill the usurper. This causes Hamlet to become suspicious of everyone around him however. The only person he can trust seems to be Horatio, and even then he sometimes acts harsh, only rarely letting Horatio speak a few words before launching into a grand speech. This talent Hamlet has for acting invokes a great deal of interest and admiration in his audience. This is a double-edged blade; Hamlet 's tremendous skill cannot be contained. He is constantly secretive and there is always more to learn about him. Even as he dies, there is so much we cannot understand about his personality. We admire Hamlet because he is an enigma. Humans are attracted to mystery and Hamlet is the ultimate puzzle. Was he ever in love with Ophelia? Did he truly believe the Ghost 's words in Act 1? We will never understand Hamlet 's mind and this is perhaps the thing I admire most about him. To keep that much of yourself a…show more content…
There is one weakness I cannot however admire Hamlet for. I may appreciate his mystery and his strength of mind, but I will never understand his lack of concern for the state of Denmark. As Hamlet was once next in line for the throne, and is still considered the heir due to Claudius ' lack of a son, you would think that he would show a little care for the place he would have and still will rule. Instead, he seems more concerned with the activities taking place between his mother 's "incestuous sheets" than Denmark 's welfare. Even though the watchman Marcellus came to the conclusion that "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark", Hamlet forms no such ideas. This makes Hamlet appear ungrateful for his social position. Claudius at least gives the possible attack from Norway a thought at the beginning of the play, while Hamlet sits and despairs over his father 's death. Not once does Hamlet truly worry about the effect Claudius ' rule could have on the country- he is only concerned with his personal grievances against Claudius. In this way we can see that every action Hamlet performs in the play is tainted by his need to kill Claudius. The prince becomes painfully suspicious of everyone around him, not knowing who is or is not spying on him. He questions his mother violently, mocks Polonius before killing him, suspecting him to be Claudius, and he sends his old friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to their deaths because he believed that they were spying for

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